Klaus Gelting

‘Keep it simple!’

‘’Consumers are often challenged  with a choice between comfort and design. In my designs I every time strive to deliver both in the same chair. For Kebe good seating comfort always comes first, but good ergonomics will never go without strong designs.’’

Klaus Gelting, head designer at Kebe in Denmark and responsible for design and product development has a very straight forward design philosophy: keep it simple. ‘’I prefer designs with a single expression: a clear and clean message without confusion. If the message is clear, the chair sits well.’’

Klaus is proud of the quality of the Kebe products. ‘’At Kebe we manufacture the chairs in house, and unlike many of our competitors, we even cast the foam for each chair ourselves. Our foam has a solid surface and a comfortable soft core which means a lot of comfort. Our foam quality is so high that we often get requests from customers to make them new upholstery covers for their 20+ year old chairs. The frame and foam are still good, it is just that the fabric or leather need to be replaced!’’

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