Studio Schrofer

‘Organic and ergonomic’

Schrofer gratuated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). His designing qualities combined with his eye for engineering have made him an internationally acclaimed and respected designer.  Schrofer is the founder and creative director of his own designing company called: Studio Schrofer. His designs are very contemporary and characterize a modern lifestyle.

Creating imaginative forms, utilizing new & old materials & methods, and employing new technology, Schrofer develops design concepts for the ever changing lifestyles of the aesthetic conscience consumer.

Frequently described as an "organic" and "ergonomic" designer, Schrofer advocates a fully "hands on" method of design, employing computer models making and experimentation with various materials. The strong technical background that Schrofer brings to his company is key to developing furniture design concepts, creating models and engineering innovative component parts. Schrofer's source of inspiration comes from constant connection with global trends in Technology, Environment, New markets & products, Art, Fashion, Music & Cinema.

In a continuing expansion of its international market base, Studio Schrofer has extended its goals beyond product design and sales to the building of long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients. The company offers a "complete package" concept that encompasses the involvement in every phase of product development, manufacturing and presentation.

Studio Schrofer recently celebrated over 25 years of design. From its early beginnings, this one-man operation has evolved into a multi-disciplined team. Complementing design services with styling, brand/trend analysis, and market research to assist companies in strategically positioning product lines and to achieve greater return on investments by expanding collections. With continued exposure to international markets, finding the most cost effective methods in sourcing and manufacturing has become second nature. Assuring the most effective and efficient means to deliver solutions to the customer.

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